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ray ban uk Walk around the warm air , thoughts lonely footsteps , wandering in the quiet emptiness of life is . A person sitting in the hall , quietly listening to the rhythm of the beat, eager eyes quietly slipped out and enjoy the snow falling in one place . So pure, so flawless , as I wander the scattered thoughts, gently shake off a land of longing.

The afternoon sun coming through the large French windows cast , with a trace of warmth in the winter , but also mixed some little ambiguous ray ban uk . Quietly put himself in time , the quiet and tranquil . Always liked the quiet of their own, do not know why this time actually desire a voice, to break this rare quiet , perhaps tired heart , and wanted to let his thoughts fly along for a while.

Often very strange ray ban uk , very often do not understand their own thinking and actions are always opposite. Like the window on the high branches of yellow leaves still lingered , reluctant to fall hesitated , perhaps there is a hope and wait for the hearts of the autumn , although everything is already gone. Perhaps leafless hearts do not have a deeper moved it, share best life really touched . Perhaps it will also be leafless cold night wandering , with icy lonely, mundane and insignificant figure of around warm patches of snow melt can not afford , is so silent .

In this sun- flooded afternoon, I am a man sitting dazed , enjoying the spacious hall dual temperature heating and air conditioning ray ban uk , the lonely soul is flying out , standing tall buildings across the street , overlooking find. Watching the steady stream of traffic , watching the flow of heavy parcels hurry , watching the snow melt into a little bit of winter warmth of his own arms , quietly listening to the sun in winter with snow whisper . Dim even think of snow and winter memories.

Winter snow is the most beautiful bride , arranged by God to go through the cycle of seasons struggling to meet dependencies . That is how a wait , counting the days pace, looking forward to the hearts want to generate a little green, watch the colors spread , grow into a flourish . When no longer aloof journeying cicadas singing , when eyeful of brilliant ruthless written bleak years , I know that part of the winter season and the snow has been approached .

Whenever dressed in winter cold wind , walking alone in the cold days, I feel some pain heart , dedication and for the winter share infatuation ray ban uk . Winter Snow understand the great love , always brewing in the hearts of every winter day with unforgettable reunion . Although sometimes brief reunion was so buoyant , so no long waiting period to become a luxury. But as long as once had , why the pursuit of day and night. This should be the winter snow and left most impressed by the mentality of it .

Stingy and cold winter sun just came shining through slips also was stroked to go, a lot of dim hall . Up between forefinger ups and downs, again a bright , but this artificial colors somewhat lost , suddenly feel that they have been discarded in the time in the corner, and the scenery was so far separated , so far.

Long and clumsy bus shaking too many stories , slowly parked under crowded bus stop , how many people the station to go home , ray ban uk how many people embark on another journey , carrying the dream away ......

I heard the sound of approaching sirens screaming , away, away how much thought , accompanied by snow under the sun dancing , dream and woke up many thin , the wind passed away in the branches of the season ray ban uk . Who blew plaintive melody helpless , watching the snow to make their own way into rain charming , intoxicating drops fall into the face ......